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Our Journey

Lois: bird fanatic, percussionist, training to be a music therapist

Malaika: dog herder, DJ/selectoress. event organiser, teacher

We are Malaika and Lois. We met outside a reggae event in Worcester and it was ‘mates at first sight’, both sharing a love of music, travel, nature and crafting. We lived together in a wooden house in the hills of Ibiza and from that peaceful place in nature our creativity could run wild. 

With Malaika’s eye for design and trends and how to combine colours, together with Lois’s collection of feathery treasures and handy wiring skills, HeadWings took flight! Ibiza being the land of losing your inhibitions, going with the flow and finding yourself we did just that, and miraculous adventures unfolded before us. Opportunities to work/play with wonderful artists and performers from all over the world. 

We have gone from selling our feathery creations on a sarong on the floor to watching our designs waltz down catwalks in Ibiza and Madrid. How? Through our friendship, our trust in each other, and by feeling the freedom to spread our wings and express ourselves through our creations.

So as a result of our collective creativity and the innovation inspired from living at the heart of Ibiza’s community of international artists, our little jewellery business has grown and developed.

We are so grateful for the freedom we have enjoyed in our lives to wander the world visiting distant lands and cultures, constantly in awe of the astounding beauty and diversity of nature. Our intention is to celebrate that with every piece we create.